ABOUT the GMAConsulting



We are an online Economic & Financial consulting firm situated in Lidköping by Lake Vänern, Sweden, founded and operated by our Stareconomist Maria Bunyemen.


We help you navigate to understand your market, customers, and employees better, for you to grow prosperously.

The GMAConsulting is one of four players of value optimization within the Marias Golden Eagle Group AB. The others are Liongate Properties, Joyride Publishing & Art Design, and iAO intelligence by Asterios treasury Optimization.

Researching, analyzing and identifying needs, possibilities etc. and from there start taking profitable actions is something our Stareconomist Maria Bunyemen has done already since her first business as a 7-year-old, making handcrafted jewelry and granting all her profits to children in need!

She has earned her Masters of Science Degree in Economics from the Jönköping International Business School including studies abroad at the California State University, Fresno.  

She has worked with International Cooperation Relations in Toronto Canada, interacting with amongst other organizations such as "Doctors without Borders" & "Oxfam".

Maria Bunyemen has also been running her own Market Research & Analyses firm many years ago, prior to being recruited to the Swedish Parliament working as an Advisor and Economic Expert with the Swedish Treasury Committee', the State Budget and the Economic & Financial Policies, etc. These are all only some of her work experiences. 

Recently she moved back to her home town, realizing her dream of having her own business and living in Lidköping again. She has now founded the Marias Golden Eagle Group AB, which is all about value optimization, constituting of four firms where the GMAConsulting is proudly one of them!

About our Stareconomist Maria Bunyemen


I have worked for many years with research, analyses and intelligence within the economic and financial sectors, from various perspecitves and approaches; business markets as well as with govermental stakes such as the Swedish State Budget, Swedish Economic and Financial Policies and more when working in the Swedish Parliament. Contact us and we will book your free online audio appointment with me. I am located in Sweden and looking forward to meet with you online from wherever you are. 

Maria Bunyemen